Bouncing Woolies, LLC 100% natural wool handmade scented or non-scented dryer balls!

Bouncing Woolies

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Wool Dryer Balls: Save time, money and energy!


You won't want to miss this!!!

Buy 4 get 2 FREE on Bouncing Woolies Bare Naturals and Color Splash Bare Naturals wool dryer balls PLUS FREE SHIPPING on orders of $75+ (Free shipping for USA residents only)! The free dryer balls will not show up in your cart. They will add them to your order manually before shipment.

Yes, for every 4 dryer balls you purchase, you will receive 2 free. That means if you purchase 8, you'll receive 4 for free... and so on. 

** We suggest using no less than 4 dryer balls in your dryer at a time.  The more you use, the better the results. Price is per ball. **

This special cannot be combined with other sales/offers, including the free scent special.


FREE Scent Special!

We have quite a bit of limited edition and retired oils that we will add to your unscented orders for FREE! Simply order unscented woolies and in the special instructions area at checkout, tell us what scent you'd like for free. If these in the list are ones you've used and love, you can also order re-scent kits in them. Unfortunately, we can't give the re-scent kits for free, but you can pick a random scent and in the special instructions area at checkout, you can tell us what scent you really want. Please also leave a second choice in case we run out of your first choice.

**Cannot be used with any promotion codes.**

The FREE scents:

  • Christmas Splendor
  • Christmas Cravings
  • Elf Sweat
  • Snowman Balls
  • Reindeer Poo
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • Mardi Gras
  • Rainbow
  • Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil 


Bouncing Woolies, LLC makes 100% wool eco-friendly dryer balls to lessen your drying time and soften your clothes naturally without the use of store bought chemical-filled fabric softener.  We offer many options for you to choose from and even offer a variety of scents!


***If you have a sensitivity to wool, no worries!  You can still use our woolies without a problem. ***

Using 4 woolies in your dryer can lessen drying time of a large load up to an average of 25% and 30-45% off your small loads!  We recommend starting with 4 woolies and adding more later.

Start using wool dryer balls and save your wallet!

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